Monday, January 3, 2022
The Continuing Education Center in AAUP Graduating a Hebrew Language Course

The Continuing Education Center in Arab American University celebrated the graduation of some of the university staff members who was part of the (30 training hours) Hebrew language course which was trained by Mr. Abdallah Barakat.

Ms. Manar Abu Sbaa- the VP for Administrative Affairs and Dr. Khalid Attyeh- the Head of the Continuing Education Center in AAUP attended the ceremony along with the trainer of the course, Mr. Abdallah Barakat and the participate employees.

Speakers emphasized that the importance of this course comes mainly to upgrade the academic and administrative levels of the university staff and to add a new features for the work environment. They also ensured that there will be future courses to raise the efficiency of employees in the practical and educational lives.

Thursday, December 30, 2021
AAUP Organizes Training Workshops to its New Faculty Members

The VP Office for Planning and Development in Arab American University has organized training workshops for 3 days that targeted the newest faculty members who has recently joined AAUP.

The workshops were lectured by Prof. Mohammad Asia- the VP for Medical Schools Affairs, Prof. Mohammad Awad- the Dean of the Scientific Research, Dr. Adli Saleh- the Planning and Development Advisor for the Board of Directors and Dr. Ahmad Owais- the Head of the E-Learning Center.

Dr. Adli Saleh said that the workshops explained the regulations of AAUP, the teaching style, the evaluation, the e-learning, the scientific research and classification as well, and said that all the new 140 faculty members were interested to join these workshops.

Monday, October 4, 2021
AAUP Honors two Employees and a Graduate who Resuscitate Cardiac Cases for People in an Accident

They got training in the Heart Center in AAUP

Arab American University honored two of its staff and one graduate who did a humanitarian action by saving lives of people who were in an accident as they resuscitate cardiac. The staff members and the graduate took intensive training in the Heart Center in AAUP and knew what to do when they were by chance in the same place where the accident was.

Prof. Mohammad Asia- the VP for Medical Schools Affairs attended the honoring along with Dr. Lubna Harazneh- the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Dr. Imad Khader- the Heart Center Manager in AAUP and Mr. Fadi Jumaa- the PR Manager, and the honoring was for Mr. Ayman Inaya and Mr. Farid Abulail- staff members in the Faculty of Nursing and trainers in the Heart Center in AAUP, and the graduate from the Faculty of Nursing, Ra’fat Sharab.


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