Wednesday, August 7, 2019

 Haseeb Al-Sabbagh IT Center for Excellence at AAUP organized a training program titled Project Management Professional (PMP), a 40-hour training program for a number of its managers and administrative staff, in addition to directors of local companies. The training aims to raise professional competence in project management and problem solving.

The training is an integrated program in the leadership and management of projects with high efficiency and professionalism, and adds skills in planning, risk and time management. In addition to problems-shutting and achieving goals in high efficiency, as the program qualifies trainees to take the international exam to obtain the certificate of Project Management Professional (PMP).

Monday, January 21, 2019
Dr. Nahed Habib Allah

Dr. Nahed Habib Allah a Professor in sociology at the Faculty of Graduate School - Arab American University, received an invitation from New School University in New York City to teach a course about Jerusalem as an expert in this field. This is considered to be the first time to teach such a course in an American university.

Dr. Nahed said that this course gives students a complete idea about the Holy City as it’s the center of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in its various national and religious dimensions. The course will discuss in details how the lives of the people of Jerusalem were affected by the Israeli occupation policies, and covers the period of mandate and the Palestinian national movements that emerged and developed during that period of the 1948 war until the joining part of Jerusalem to the State of Israel, as it will cover the occupation and joining all Jerusalem city in 1967. "

Monday, December 24, 2018

Part of the extracurricular activities, the University organized the table tennis championship for its employees. First place was Ahmed Adas from Engineering and Maintenance Dept and Second place was the Dean of Faculty of Sport Sciences Dr. Jamal Abu Bishara. The championship witnessed a distinguished competition between the employees with an atmosphere full of repect and family and brotherly relations


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