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Thursday, February 9, 2023
Saed Hanani, the student at the Faculty of Engineering

Saed Hanani, the student at the Faculty of Engineering at the Arab American University won the Medal of Creativity and Excellence at the level of individuals in the Inspirational 3 competition held in the United Arab Emirates - Dubai, after several stages in which participants from several Arab countries competed, including inventors, researchers, and change-makers.

The Inspiring Award aims to promote concepts of innovation and creative and pioneering ideas that provide effective solutions to improve the image of institutional and community services and thus enhance human building at all levels for a promising future for future generations. It also aims to shed light on innovative and creative institutions and inspiring individuals in the Arab world.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

A student team from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the Arab American University, called ShatlhAR, won the second place in the IEEE Pioneers 2.0 competition in its second version. The team included the students Abdulrahman Barham, Christine Abu Zalof, and Abdullah Odeh. The team also qualified to participate in the competition at the Middle East level. 18 teams representing several Palestinian universities from the West Bank and Gaza competed. The competition was held in the Palestinian-Indian Technology Park.

It is noteworthy that IEEE Pioneers is a competition within Entrepreneurship Week launched by the International Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). It aims to raise the local community’s awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship. It also aims to support pioneering and creative projects, in addition to qualifying and developing the participants’ skills and technological capabilities that are necessary for preparing projects to suit the requirements of the labour market in light of the global changes in the field of technology and artificial intelligence.

Sunday, September 4, 2022
The University Celebrates Obtaining ABET and ADEE Accreditations for the Faculties of Dentistry and Engineering

The Arab American University recently celebrated obtaining two International accreditations from ABET in Computer Systems Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and ADEE for the Faculty of Dentistry. The two work teams, who obtained the two accreditations, were rewarded.

The rewarding took place with the presence of the Vice President for Medical Faculties Affairs, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asia, the Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Muayad Abusaa, the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Eng. Bara Asfour, the Advisor to the University Board of Directors for Planning and Development Dr. Adli Saleh, Dean of Faculty of Engineering Prof. Dr. Hazem Khanfar, Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Mohammad Jaradat, Former Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, Dr.


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