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Tuesday, January 4, 2022
Pioneer Projects for AAUP Graduates and Students Winning the First Places in IEEE Pioneers

A group of Arab American University students and graduates won the first three places in IEEE Pioneers contest – the First phase, that was organized by IEEE Palestine Subsection under the auspicious of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Jawwal.

Greeners Project by Haytham Sharabati, Lina Zahaiqa and Nour Daraghmeh won the first place, while No Limits Project by Jihad Abu Zuhri, Maria Amouri, Deema Abu Jaber and Mohaimen Khatib won the second place, and Lang Smart by Laith Nazzal and Anwar Ghannam won the third place.

Hassib Sabbagh IT Center for Excellence and under coordination with the IEEE- AAUP branch have trained students before the contest on how to prepare the work plan and work model of the project, in addition to training students on the financial, technical, marketing and legal aspects of the projects.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021
ABET Accreditation Evaluates the Computer Systems Engineering Program at AAUP

ABET Accreditation has finished the assessment process of the accreditation of the Computer Systems Engineering program that lasted for four days through Zoom. The decision was that program will be accredited finally in August 2022 according to the process of the association.

ABET Accreditation did an evaluation, reviews and assessment of the Computer Systems Engineering program in the Faculty of Engineering in Arab American University according to the followed procedures. ABET met the Faculty members of the Computer Systems Engineering Department, the VP for Information Technology, the Admission and Registration Team, the Administrative Managers in addition to some students of the department.

Thursday, November 18, 2021
IEEE and the Multimedia Club Organize a Fair with the Participation of the Distinguish Projects from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

The IEEEAAUP and under collaboration with the Multimedia Club of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology had organized a fair which included some communities that were recognized internationally.

These communities include: IEEE WIE – the Women in Engineering Community, IEEE PES- the Power, Energy and Capacity Community, in addition to the announcement of the IEEE CS- the Computer Sciences Community that will be opened soon. Moreover, the fair presented the special Arduino course projects that were organized by students of the Faculty, in addition to an activity that was organized by the Multimedia Club of the Faculty of Engineering and IT.



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