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Ezz Aldeen Al-Qasam

Wednesday, November 22, 2017
The Political Session “82 for Ezz Aldeen Al-Qasam Martyrdom Anniversary”

Hosted the grandson of the martyr Ahmad Al-Qasam, Arab American University in partnership with the Local People’s Committee for Refugees in Jenin organized the political session entitled “82 for Ezz Aldeen Al-Qasam Martyrdom Anniversary”.

The session attended by Dean of Faculty of Art at Arab American University Dr. Marwan Abu Al-Rob, Jenin Governor Assistant Mansour Al-Sadi, Head of the People’s Committee for Refugees Mohammad Habash, and number of university students and faculty members.

Dr. Abu Al-Rob started with a speech welcoming the attendees, and stressing on the session importance as it addresses an Islamic Revolutionary character that its knowledge and methods lived till this day. Pointing, the university seeks to enhance its students’ cultural awareness through organizing such events.

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