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Graduate Studies

Monday, August 2, 2021
Interactive Educational Day about Business Leadership for the Graduate Studies Students

In an interactive day about “Leadership in Business” that was organized by the Administrative and Financial Sciences Department in the Faculty of Graduate Studies in AAUP, the department hosted Mr. Issa Qissis- the Businessman and the Banking Expert as a main guest speaker.

The day was about preparing individuals to succeed in the Business world, and exchanging leadership experiments between the guest speaker and the audience.

The workshop was opened by Dr. Raid Shomali- the Head of the Administrative and Financial Department in the Faculty of Graduate Studies as he welcomed the audience and Mr. Issa Qissis. Dr. Raid then introduced Mr. Qissis and his great experience in the management and consulting field in the Palestinian and Arabic banking sector. Dr.

Sunday, August 1, 2021
The Public Relations Department in AAUP Hands Master’s Degree Scholarship Notes to Palestinian Organizations

A delegation from the Public Relations Department at Arab American University visited some organizations in Ramallah to hand scholarship notes for the Master’s Degree in AAUP, in addition to discuss the means of collaboration between both parties.

The delegation visited the Palestinian Monetary Authority, the Supreme Council for Youth and Sport, the Official Public Authority for Radio and Television and the Palestinian Bank Association.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Faculty of Graduate Studies Granted Sajeda Fraihat the Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics

Student Sajeda Fraihat – a student at the Master in Applied Mathematics in Arab American University defended her thesis under the title “Using Principal Component Analysis and Linear Discriminant Analysis as Dimensionality Reduction Techniques”.

databases is one of the recent sciences that aim to reduce time and effort for the models of machines and the artificial intelligence.

The committee of Dr. Hasan Hanayshe – the Student Supervisor, Dr. Mahmoud Manasra- the Internal Examiner and Dr. Inad Nawajaa- the External Examiner from Hebron University decided to grant Sajeda Fraihat the Master’s Degree.


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