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Sunday, March 12, 2023
AAUP Heart Center Receives the "Program Coordination & Administration Training" Certificate Approved by the American Heart Association

The Heart Center at the Arab American University obtained the accreditation of the Program Coordination & Administration Training (PCAT), which is an international certificate accredited by the American Heart Association. This Accreditation was obtained after completing the training and requirements in cooperation with King Hussein Cancer Center in Jordan.

This accreditation was granted to the administrative personnel who supervise the Heart Center at the Arab American University in terms of the significant knowledge and skills required to fulfill the responsibility of the coordinators at international training centers.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
The University Heart Centre Obtains the Renewal of the International Accreditation License with a Grade of Excellence

The AAUP Heart Centre has obtained the renewal of the international accreditation license, with a grade of “A” classification, for the next three years.

The Heart Centre at the university passed all the international tests, requirements, and standards for training stipulated by the American Heart Association. The renewal procedures lasted for a week. The center was administratively monitored and the progress of the courses was monitored via Zoom platform.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022
AAUP's Heart Center Receives An International Approved Promotion By the American Heart Association

The Arab American University's heart center received the Faculty (TCF) AHA approved Training Center which is an international approved promotion by the American Heart Association, following the completion of a training course in BLS and ACLS in addition to training and meeting the requirements in collaboration with King Hussein Cancer Center.

This accreditation means that The Arab American University's Heart Center has reached to a level of intentional instructor and is qualified to train instructors for the center to work in a variety of courses.

Dr. Imad Abu Khader, the director of the heart center at The Arab American University, pointed out how this accreditation will make the heart center an honorable and creditable resource for all centers and instructors in Palestine. He also indicated that Mr. Ahmad Hodrob has received the TCF BLS and Mr. Farid Abu Al Lail, received the ACLS TCF.


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