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Hult Prize

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
AAUP Organizes the HULT-Prize - On Campus 2022 Competition

Hassib Sabbagh IT Center of Excellence and under cooperation with the Organizing Committee of International Hult Prize Competition in AAUP has organized the final ceremony for HULT-Prize – On Campus 2022 Competition, with the participation of 11 teams from the different faculties and departments of the university.

The three teams that got the first places in the competition are:

The first place: Wild Space Project by Lina Azzam, Maysoun Nakhleh and Motasem Thaher.

The second place: Pure Al-Quds Project by Laith Nazzal, Anwar Ghannam and Batoul Salameh.

The third place: Candle Light Project by Munjed Amarneh, Hazar Sevien and Ahmad Asaad.

Sunday, January 31, 2021
The “HULT PRIZE 2021” Competition in AAUP

With the participation of 11 teams from the different faculties and departments, Arab American University organized the HULT PRIZE 2021 Competition entitled “The mechanism of using food as a mean to change the world”

Organizing such competitions in Arab American University is one of the goals of the university to ensure that its role is not only to focus on the educational part for students, but also to encourage the creativity and pioneer projects and ideas in its students as in AAUP we believe that our youths are the push to change. This competition will give students the opportunity to create competitive and creative projects.

Saturday, March 28, 2020
AAUP team qualified to represent Palestine in the HULT Prize 2020 Competition

Greeners team from AAUP was qualified to represent Palestine in the semifinal stage at the HULT Prize 2020 competition that will take place in Boston– USA later this summer.

The team that contains students Lina Zahaika, Noor Daraghmeh, Haytham Sharabati and Ahmad Asa’d was qualified after they participated in the regional competition that was held via internet through remote communication means following the emergency procedure. This competition was meant to take place in Rawabi city this month but was changed to this remote competition via internet due to the spread of the new Coronavirus- COVID-19, and now AAUP team and another team from Gaza will represent Palestine internationally.


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