Sunday, February 12, 2023
AAUP Library Participates in the Cairo International Book Fair

The Arab American University Library participated in the Cairo International Book Fair from 1/27/2023 to 2/2/2023, which was held in Cairo. The university is represented by Mr. Hasan Al-Said, Director of the University Library. Many participating Arab and foreign publishing houses were present in the gallery.

A group of Arabic and foreign books that serve the educational and research process at the university were selected, especially the newly launched disciplines at the university. They were reinforced with modern supporting books and references for these disciplines. We have also obtained a set of valuable donations from the publications of the Arab Organization for Administrative Development and a free electronic database of journals in the organization, especially human resources and management and economic journals in general.

Monday, April 4, 2022
AAUP Library Concludes the Workshop for Al-Quds Open University Students in Tubas That's About the Library's Artwork

The Arab American University’s library concluded the workshop about the artwork of the library. The workshop was directed to Al-Quds Open University students, Tubas branch. The students were trained by Mr. Hassan Alsaid, the director of the university’s library, and the library’s staff.

Mr. Alsaid, the director of the library, said that the workshop included several topics such as indexing and categorization, borrowing and the working mechanism of the database. He also pointed out that the library is standby to organize other workshops for the local community and Palestinian university students under the frame of  emphasizing the importance of libraries and how they work.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021
AAUP Library Participates in the Activities of Amman International Book Fair

Arab American University’s library participated in the activities of Amman International Book Fair as part of the international activities that the library tries to always be part of.

Mr. Hasan Alsaeed- the Library Manager said that they have bought some new modern books that will serve the new programs in the university, in addition to some new books to be provided in the university that serves the different programs and departments.

At the end of the activities of the book fair, the Jordanian Publishers Association and the administration of the International Fair honored the Manager of AAUP Library by handing him association shield.


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