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Thursday, July 26, 2018

“We are proud of this scientific edifice, which has demonstrated that Palestinian capital if it’s properly employed, can build a model state with will and patriotism,” said Palestinian police chief Major-General Hazem Attallah during his visit to the campus of the Arab American University in Ramallah. “To belong to these people and their sacrifices AAUJ, with its young age and great achievements is the biggest example of our ability to build the future with Palestinian human energies.

His visit to the campus came to learn about the university, its academic programs, and training centers, and to discuss ways to enhance cooperation in mutual interest. The Director General of Police came with his Adviser, Brigadier Jaber Asfour, chief of Police Director General Dr. Khaled Sabaten, director of the Academic Affairs Department Colonel Mansour Khuzaimia, and director of the guard department Colonel Nasser Abu Hanana.

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