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Master Thesis

Sunday, January 28, 2018
Part of the thesis defense

Researcher Rula Mohammed Amin Shahwan, a conflict resolution and development student at the Arab American University Faculty of Graduate Studies in Ramallah, defended her master degree thesis, titled “Visual Archive is Power, Collective Memory, and National Identity”.

In her message, the researcher discussed the archive importance and strength in the national identity history, especially the visual archive and its role in cultural heritage management, reflecting the people’s heritage. Also provided objective analysis of the Palestinian visual archive state through exploring its journey since the twentieth century’s second half.

Monday, October 2, 2017
Part of Hanin Sameh Qarawi defense

Researcher Hanin Sameh Qarawi, student of conflict resolution and development in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Arab American University, discussed her thesis “The Arab Spring and its Impact on Transforming the Arab-Israeli Conflict”.

She pointed, the study aims to identify the Arab spring revolutions impact on transforming Arab-Israeli conflict. The study concluded, the Arab Spring revolutions reflected negatively on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. They failed to bring progressive and revolutionary forces such as the Nasserist Party in Egypt and the Popular Front in Tunisia to power, restoring the Arab-Israeli conflict to the political front again.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Researcher Hanan Zeidan Hamamra Thesis Defense

Researcher Hanan Zeidan Hamamra, physics program student at the Arab American University Faculty of Graduate Studies, defended her master thesis entitled “Effects of Mixing Neodymium Tin Oxide Ceramic with Terbium, Samarium, Yttrium and Gadolinium on its Mechanical and Electrical Properties”.

In her thesis, Hamamra investigated structural changes resulting from mixing neodymium tin oxide ceramics with terbium, samarium, yttrium and gadolinium by studying x-ray diffraction, the samples electrical and optical characteristics, calculate changes in structure constant, levels direction, microscopic stress, granules size and defect density resulting from the mixing. Also, mixed ceramic samples optical properties were explored by measuring reflection and access spectra in high absorption area.


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