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Medical imaging

Thursday, August 24, 2023
AAUP Hosts a Researcher from the German Jülich Institute in a Workshop on Nuclear Medicine Applications

The Department of Medical Imaging at the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences at the Arab American University hosted Dr. Ahlam Issa, a researcher at the German Jülich Research Institute, in a workshop on nuclear medicine applications.

The workshop was attended by Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Dr. Muhammad Al-Jamal, Head of the Medical Imaging Department, Dr. Samer Muhanna, and a number of master's students, in addition to students interested in the fields of nuclear medicine.

Dr. Issa emphasized the importance of nuclear medicine in diagnosing many intractable diseases that some techniques cannot diagnose.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022
AAUP Participates in the First International Conference on Medical Imaging

The Arab American University participated in the First International Conference on Medical Imaging. The university was represented by Dr. Samer Mhanna, Head of the Medical Imaging Department at the University, and Dr. Mohammad AlJamal, Lecturer at the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, who was the Conference Chairman of the Scientific Committee.

Dr. Mhanna delivered a lecture entitled “Medical Imaging Technology Where it Headed Future Vision”. He discussed the latest developments in the field of medical imaging. He indicated that the university has a role in developing its programs to keep pace with all that is new.

Tala Noaman Barakat, student in the Department of Medical Imaging, also participated in a poster entitled “AWARENESS ON RADIATION PROTECTION DEVICES AMONG DENTAL STUDENTS”. Her work won a financial prize at the conference.

Monday, December 16, 2019
AAUP is the First Palestinian University to Provide TLD Device to Measure X-Ray Dose During Training

AAUP was the first Palestinian university to provide the TLD device among its philosophy to build a safe training environment for its student, as the Radiography Department in the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences in AAUP has provided this device in order to measure the X-Ray dose that students are exposed to during the practical training.

The Thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD) is a device to measure the X-Ray doses that individuals either Medical Imaging Technicians or students in their practical training can be exposed to. TLD work depends on measuring the ionizing radiation by measuring the intensity of the visible light that comes from Calcium Fluoride and Lithium Fluoride crystals when being heated.

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