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Thursday, February 1, 2024
AAUP First-Year Medical Students Present Medical Issues from a Physical and Medical Perspective

A group of first-year medical students at the Arab American University - Ramallah Campus presented various medical problems from a physical and medical perspective, as part of the medical physics course with Dr. Sufyan Shehadeh, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Modern Sciences.

The event took place in the presence of Dr. Feras Abujaber, Assistant to the Academic Vice President for the Ramallah Campus, Dr. Sondos Shalabi, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Medicine on Ramallah Campus, Dr. Thabat Al-Khatib, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Modern Sciences, and Lecturer in the Physics Department, Ms. Walaa Ghannam in addition to a number of students. .

Tuesday, January 23, 2024
The Arab American University Launches a Mentoring Program with the Aim of Professional Development for Medical Students, Expanding their social Networks and Promoting Mutual Learning

The Arab American University launched the “Mentoring Program” in partnership with the University of Oxford, which launched the OxPal-AAUP Mentoring Program, with the aim of creating long-term links between medical students at the Arab American University and doctors in the United Kingdom.

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Arab American University, Dr. Malik Zaben, explained that the objective of the program is the professional development of students and the expansion of their social networks in addition to enhancing mutual learning. Dr. Zaben indicated that the program entails many academic benefits on the personal level and direct guidance by experienced doctors for the sake of providing support and guidance, provide scientific resources and network with them.

Tuesday, January 2, 2024
An Aaup Student Participates in the Un Climate Change Conference in the United Arab Emirates

Zina Rafidi, a student majoring in Medicine at the Arab American University who is a volunteer with Jerusalem Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), participated in the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 held in the United Arab Emirates.

Rafidi said about this experience "I was so proud to represent Palestine in this international conference, and the experience was inspiring, whereby the conference provided a platform for dialogue, cooperation and advocacy. I feel a sense of a new obligation to defend everyone's environment and rights; particularly those who are facing different challenges from those faced by me". She also pointed out that the support provided by them as youth was not limited to logistic aspects, but their participation formed a sense of community spirit and collective identity.


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