Monday, September 9, 2019
AAUP Organizes a Meeting for Postgraduate Students About the Palestinian Investment Fund and Development of the Areas Named (C)

AAUP – Ramallah campus organizes a meeting for postgraduate students in conflict resolution and development program, strategic planning and fundraising program about Palestine Investment Fund and Development in the areas named (C), and the obstacles and opportunities that face the Palestinian development.

The meeting was presented by Mr. Awad Daibes the Director of the PR unit and Institutional Communications in the Palestine Investment Fund. He introduced the Palestinian Investment Fund, its establishment, functions and development, in addition to its achievements and its local and international companies. As he added that the Fund invests and focuses on all Palestinian areas, as Jerusalem and areas named (C).

Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Part of the Workshop

Mr. Ayman Odeh Head of the Joint Arab Establishment visits the University to check on students from the Palestinian 1948 Territories those who are specialized in Medical programs, where he was welcomed by Prof. Mohammad Asia President Assistant for Medical School Affairs and Dean of Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences.

Prof. Asia gave an introduction about AAUP and its faculties and medical specializations assuring that the university continuously seeks to develop and create new specializations to meet with the labor market, adding the AAUP also seeks to provide all the necessary for its students.

Saturday, May 18, 2019
Part of the meeting

The university hosted two international experts in the evaluation of international academic and quality programs, Prof. Georgios Davalos and Prof. Miltus Petters, from a British university, in a scientific meeting organized by Erasmus Palestine Office in the presence of six Palestinian universities to evaluate the academic program in the fields of engineering, computer science and information technology at both AAUP and Al-Quds University as a model.

The Head of Development Committee at Arab American University, Prof. Mohammed Asia, said that the university seeks through this scientific workshop to reach the highest standards of quality and the best academic programs, as noted by the international experts, who affirmed that Arab American University has international academic, scientific and quality programs, and the outcomes of Arab American University are in line with the requirements of local, Arab and international markets.


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