Ministry of Health

Sunday, July 5, 2020
The work in the research laboratories in Arab American University

Arab American University received an approval from Ministry of Health to start using its laboratories for COVID-19 tests. Ms. May Alkaila- the Minister of Health wrote that this approval was based on the fact that the university has an efficient team to do the tests, and that this will contributes in controlling the infected cases. The minister ensured that the ministry will start transferring some of the cases to AAUP laboratories in case if the pandemic got any worse.

Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri- the University President said that the accreditation from the Palestinian Ministry of Health for the AAUP laboratories in Ramallah to start doing the COVID-19 tests came after the ministry ensured that all the scientific developed medical devices are available, in addition to the efficient and professional team to deal with patients.  

Sunday, June 28, 2020
The Molecular Genetics and Genetic Toxicology laboratories in AAUP

Trying to discover the genetic mutations for COVID-19 in Palestine

Under supervision of Academic staff from AAUP, AAUP Masters’ students of the Molecular Genetics and Genetic Toxicology Program and experts from the Ministry of Health, Arab American University in partnership with the Palestinian Ministry of Health launched a research project to study the genetic sequencing for COVID-19 between the Palestinian patients.

This research will provide new visions about the factors behind the development of the virus and how to follow-up the changes in the virus in our country. In addition, this research will provide answers to many questions about the virus that will help specialists and the authority to determine future mechanisms to deal with the virus and help to contain it in Palestine.

Sunday, May 31, 2020
Part of the safety precautions that were applied in AAUP

The Administration of Arab American University has emphasized that they took all the precautions since day one of the emergency after the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) to establish a safe environment for employees and students, following the instructions of the Palestinian Ministry of Health that were announced concerning the safety of the Palestinian universities.

Prof. Abu Zuhri said: “Following the instructions announced by the Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Ishtayyeh that were directed by President Mahmoud Abbas- President of the State of Palestine, AAUP has managed to complete the emergency period successfully, wisely and with great responsibility.


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