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Ministry of Information

Saturday, March 30, 2019
Part of the Seminar

Arab American University celebrated the 51st anniversary of Al-Karama Battle by organizing a political seminar in cooperation with the Ministry of Information. It hosted the Revolutionary Council of Fatah, Major General Abdel Ellah AL-Atira who participted in the battle, and the representative of the Ministry of Information Abd Al-Basset Khalaf, the Dean of Arts Dr. Marwan Abu Al-Rub, the Head of General Culture Dept. at the Faculty of Arts Dr. Jamal Hanisha, and students of the University.

The seminar was opened by the Dean of Faculty of Arts Dr. Abu Al-Rub where he welcomed the attendees and assured to the importance of this seminar, which talks about the battle that returned the dignity of all Arabs, as he welcomed the Major General Abdel Ellah AL-Atira who participated in the battle and was hosted to convey the facts of the battle and its psychological and moral results.

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