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Palestine National Team

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
The Palestinian Team of the Palestine National Athletics Federation

As part of its support system to the Palestinian sports, Arab American University hosted the trainings of the Palestine National Athletics Federation in its stadium.

The Head of the Sport Facilities in Arab American University, Mr. Uday Daraghmeh said that Arab American University is fully prepared to host and welcome all the trainings of the Palestinian Sports Federations as part of its support and contribution in all the Palestinian sports. He explained that AAUP welcomes all Palestinian sport teams to organize sports leagues or trainings either in the International Stadium or the Sports Hall or even in its Olympic Swimming Pool.   

Saturday, January 4, 2020
The Palestinian Basketball team with the training crew with Eng. Bara Asfour- the Assistant to the President and Mr. Uday Daraghmeh- the Director of Sports Facilities.

The Palestinian Basketball team “Al Feda’i” has organized a training camp in the sport hall court in AAUP as it is the only certified court in Palestine as a home court for the national team. The camp came as part of the preparation procedures for the 6th group that contains the teams of Palestine, Jordan Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan that have reached the Asian Basketball Championship finals that will be held in India in 2021.

Eng. Bara Asfour- the Assistant to the President and Mr. Uday Daraghmeh- the Director of Sports Facilities had a checkup tour in the court to see the players, the training crew and the American trainer that the Palestinian Federation assigned to supervise the Palestinian team training.

The Palestinian team will play against Sri Lanka team in the Sport Hall in AAUP on the 24th of the coming month.

Monday, September 2, 2019
Part of the trainings

The International Stadium at AAUP Hosts a training session for the Palestinian National Team (Al-Fidayi) preparing for the first dual playoffs that qualifies for the World Cup 2022 and the Asia Cup 2023


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