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Personal Trainer

Monday, April 16, 2018
A group photo of the participating students in the course

Center of Continuing Education at the University celebrated graduating the participating students in the personal trainer course, which was supervised by Dr. Maan Zakarneh, lecturer in the Department of Sports Science, in the presence of the university VP for Training and Community Service Dr. Nizam Diab.

Along with the Honorary Chairman of the Bodybuilding and Fitness Union General Dr. Nazih Neirat

Saturday, November 4, 2017
Part of the “Personal Trainer” Course Graduation Ceremony

The Arab American University Center for Continues Education celebrated graduating 36 students from the university and others from the 1948 Palestinian lands. They participated in “Personal Trainer” course, the first of its kind in Palestine with 300 training hours.

Attended the ceremony Vice President for Training Dr. Nizam Dhiab, coach and lecturer in the university Sports Science Department Dr. Maan Zakarneh, and employee of the Continuous Education Center Shatha Al-Ahmad.

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