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Sunday, July 23, 2023
The AAUP Founder Chairman of the Board of Directors Looks over the Progress in the Construction Project of the Police Station Near the University Campus in Jenin

The founder Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab American University, Dr. Yousef Asfour, visited the University in Jenin, to look over the progress of the construction project for a police station near the university.

Dr. Asfour was accompanied on his tour by the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Ali Zedan Abu Zuhri, the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Bara Asfour, the Vice President for Medical faculties Affairs, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asia, and the General Manager of the University Company, Mr. Faleh Abu Arrah.

Thursday, June 8, 2023
Graduation of Students Participating in a Training Course Entitled "Social Perceptions of Addiction among Youth"

The General Police Directorate in Jenin Governorate, with the presence of the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Bashar Draghma, and the University Counseling Officer, Dr. Laila Herzallah, graduated a group of university students who participated in a course entitled: "Social Perceptions of Addiction among Youth."

The course included many topics, such as addiction, family protection and cybercrimes as well as educating young people and university students on the dangers of addiction that lead young people's lives to collapse in addition to destroying moral, social and patriotic values.

In conclusion, the university praises the role played by the Police Directorate in its various departments for the success of this course, and for its benefits in spreading awareness among the youth in the Palestinian society.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
The Deanship of Student Affairs Organizes a Field Visit to the Police Directorate - Drug Control Department and the Customs Police Department

The Deanship of Student Affairs, represented by the Social and Psychological Counseling Department, in cooperation with the Police Directorate and the Customs Police Department, organized a field visit to the Police Directorate and the Anti-Narcotics Department, to learn about the nature of work, the procedures followed and how to destroy the seized banned stuff in order to raise the level of awareness and knowledge among students in protecting themselves and the society.

The delegation, which was accompanied by Dr. Laila Harzallah from the University, received Major Adel Al-Aissa, the branch director, and Major Malik Abed, the deputy director of the branch. All the departments in the directorate were visited, and a detailed explanation was presented to the students by the police personnel about the nature of the departments' work in protecting the society.


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