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Postgraduate Studies

Wednesday, August 2, 2023
Student Fadia Ibrahim Defends Her Ph.D. Dissertation in Business

Researcher Fadia Ibrahim, a Ph.D. student in the joint business program with Indiana University of Pennsylvania, defended her dissertation entitled: "School Principals' Practices in Technological Leadership and its Impact on the Technology Integration by Teachers."

The study aimed to investigate the impact of school principals' practices in technological leadership on teachers' integration of technology into classrooms, considering the variables of professional development, gender, experience, and professional diploma in school leadership. Data was collected by conducting a cross-sectional survey of a sample of 319 principals and 895 teachers from Palestinian public schools.

Wednesday, August 2, 2023
Defense of a Master's Thesis by Thaer Darabi' in Data Science and Business Analysis

Researcher Thaer Darabi', a student in the master's program of data science and business analysis, defended his thesis entitled: "Using Competitive Generative Networks in Retrieving Images Based on Manual Graphics."

The thesis presented a research in the field of manual graphics-based image retrieval (SBIR) to find similar images from big databases by entering sketches into a model composed of a generative unit and a retrieval unit. This model aims to develop the ability to view and retrieve images from big databases, and to solve the problem of linking manual drawings to groups of images that are seen during training and that fail to generalize to groups that are not visible.

Sunday, July 30, 2023
Students of International Graduate Studies Have a Field Tour to Villages North of Ramallah

The Conflict Studies Research Center organized a field tour for the students of the International Postgraduate Program to the villages north of Ramallah.

During the tour, the students of the American University of The New School, who participated in the program, learned about the nature of the administrative division of the different parts of the West Bank. The tour allowed the students to move around in several areas with the help of community organizations due to the nature of these areas and the restrictions imposed on them.


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