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Postgraduate Studies

Sunday, June 18, 2023
Master Students of Nursing Accomplish a Successful Training in Jordan

The M.A students in the programs of Intensive Care Nursing, Neonatal Nursing, and Internal Surgery Nursing accomplished a successful training at the Islamic Hospital in Jordan in cooperation with the Jordanian Nursing Council. This training comes as an implementation of the terms of the agreement concluded by the Arab American University and the Jordanian Nursing Council for the sake of providing quality training for students of master's specializations in nursing in various wards of distinguished Jordanian hospitals.

The Vice President for Medical Faculties Affairs, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asia, that the training achieved its results through the quality training and the transfer of skills to the trainee students at highly experienced and efficient hospitals. It is planned to expand the training to include undergraduate students in medicine and nursing programs.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023
AAUP Holds a Training Workshop for Nurses on Using Ventilators

The Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Arab American University organized a workshop targeting nurses working in intensive care units at governmental hospitals and master’s students in nursing specialties at the University to train them on using the ventilator in an ideal way to prevent the development of complications for patients.

The workshop was moderated by Dr. Dina Abu Jaber, a specialist in the field of intensive care and artificial respiration. Dr. Abu Jaber introduced the students to the device, its operation, and the common errors that happen when using it.

Sunday, May 28, 2023
AAUP Hosts the Director of Technology and Operations Department at Quds Bank in a Symposium Entitled: "Digital Transformation in the Banking Sector in Palestine"

The Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Arab American University in Ramallah hosted the director of Technology and Operations Department at Quds Bank, Mr. Zaid Jrab, to deliver a lecture on digital transformation in the banking sector in Palestine.

Mr. Jrab discussed the prospects, opportunities and challenges facing the banking sector in the digital transformation process, saying: "The importance of the digital transformation process in this sector lies in facilitating citizens' access to banking services, improving the operational process, completing banking transactions, and the payment and purchasing process quickly." Mr.


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