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Thursday, August 3, 2023
AAUP Wins the Project of Reforming the Governance of Ph.D. Programs at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

The Arab American University - Palestine has made a new achievement in addition to its previous ones in terms of international projects funded by the Erasmus program of the European Union. The University won the funding provided by the European Union in the amount of 868 thousand Euros, which will be allocated for the implementation of its project entitled: "Reforming the Governance of Ph.D. Programs at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions" "Reforming the Governance of Ph.D. Programs at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions- PhDGov

The Arab American University submitted a project proposal to the European Erasmus Program at the beginning of this year. The project passed all stages of evaluation successfully and outperformed dozens of proposals submitted by many other Palestinian higher education institutions to finally win the funding. Al-Quds University, Birzeit University, An-Najah National University, Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie, in addition to the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education, participate in the project led by the Arab American University.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

The Arab American University participated in the first meeting of the ACT Virtual Exchanges for Active Citizenship project.

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Muayad Abusaa, the Project Coordinator at the University, Dr. Amjad Rattroot, Miss. Hanan Nazzal, and Director of the Projects Department, Miss. Samah Khalaf participated. This project comes in response to the call of Erasmus projects (ERASMUS-EDU-2021-VIRT-EXCH).

Sunday, January 8, 2023
The Arab American University is the Only Middle East Participant in Launching the END-VOC Project to Support the Global Response to the Coronavirus and Future Epidemics

The Arab American University announced joining the END-VOC research project as the sole representative of the Middle East, along with 18 other countries distributed in Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia.

The project is in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Health. It is funded by the European Commission, within the framework of Horizon Europe. The project aims to support the global response to the Corona virus and future epidemics by evaluating the spread and impact of emerging variants of the Corona virus and its branching strains. Data of 28 groups of people will be collected from patients distributed in different regions of the world.


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