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Tuesday, January 2, 2024
A Student of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Toxicology Master's Program Publishes a Research in a Reputable Scientific Journal

Student Iman Faris, a researcher of Molecular Genetics and Genetic toxicology Master's Program at the Arab American University, published a research article in Frontiers in Genetics (Impact Factor "IF" 4.772) on the Master's Thesis titled: "Genomic analysis of a Palestinian family with inherited cancer syndrome: a next-generation sequencing study", supervised of Dr. Zaydoun Salah and Dr. Nouar Qutob.

The study focused on using the techniques of (Whole Exome Sequencing) to identify the skin cancer-causing mutations in a Palestinian family. The findings revealed a genetic mutation "ERCC2 (p.R683Q)" which was inherited in the family, which may be responsible for causing the skin cancer.  The study sheds light on the importance of studying genetic mutations of cancer patients and their families in Palestine to guide the diagnosis and management for patients and their families.

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