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Scientific symposium

Thursday, September 22, 2022
The University Participates in a School Visit to the Higher School of Technology at the Canadian University of Quebec

The Head of the Data Science Department at the Arab American University, Dr. Ahmad Hasasneh, made a two-month scientific research visit to the Higher School of Technology (ETS) at the University of Quebec in Canada, funded by the Palestinian-Quebec Science Bridge, which is supervised by the Palestine Academy of Science and Technology (PALAST).

Regarding the research visit, Dr. Hasasneh confirmed that it dealt with the preparation of a research proposal that will be jointly implemented by the Arab American University and the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada, on developing a system based on diagnosing infant crying in order to early identify the diseases they suffer from, based on advanced machine learning algorithms. , and use the built-in features of vocal crying signals.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021
AAUP Organizes a Scientific Seminar about the Islamic Accounting

Arab American University and under collaboration with Ahlia University – Bahrain has organized a scientific seminar through Zoom entitled “Islamic Accounting between Practice and Theory” and was instructed by Prof. Hussien Sarhan from Zarqa University.

Dr. Raid Saad- the Head of the Accounting Department in AAUP, the Head of the Accounting Department in Ahlia University in Bahrain and other Accounting professors from different Arab Universities attended the seminar.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Students Affairs Deanship at the Arab American University held a lecture on "Impact of energy drinks and sports stimulants on students" in cooperation with the Sports Sciences department in the Art College. It all aims to educate students on the impact of these drinks and sports stimulants to student health. 

With the presence of dean of both Nursing and Supporting Medical Sciences colleges Dr. Mohammad Asia, Chairman of Sport Sciences department Dr. Samer Abo-Eid, lecturer at Sport Sciences department Dr. Maan Zakarneh and Social Specialist in Student Affairs Deanship Mrs. Laila Herzallah. 

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