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Monday, February 21, 2022
A Seminar for PhD Students about Merging Technology with Education

The Faculty of Graduate Studies in Arab American University- Ramallah organized a seminar for its 2nd year PhD students in Educational Administration; the seminar was about “the reality of merging technology with education”.

Dr. Hiba Abu Ziad- the Faculty Member in AAUP supervised this seminar along with Dr. Shahinaz Najjar- the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Dr. Mohammad Umran- the Head of the Educational Administration Department and Dr. Naser Saafin- a Faculty Member in AAUP.

The seminar aimed to train students on the scientific research techniques and to encourage them to participate in international conferences.

Monday, January 24, 2022
The Governor of the Monetary Authority in a Visit to AAUP

Prof. Ali Zeidan AbuZuhri- Arab American University President welcomed Dr. Firas Mulhem- the Governor of the Monetary Authority who was an honor guest in a symposium in the university organized by the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences entitled “Digital Technology and its Role in the Banking Sector in Palestine”.

The Governor of the Monetary Authority was accompanied by his deputy Mr. Mohammad Manasra, and in their reception was Prof. Ali Abu Zuhri- the University President, Dr. Adli Saleh- the Advisor of the Board of Directors for Planning and Development, Dr. Moayyad Abu Saa- the VP for Academic Affairs, Prof. Mohammad Asia- the VP for the Medical Schools Affairs, Eng. Bara Asfour- the Assistant to the President, Dr. Abdelbasit Rabayaa- the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences and Mr. Fadi Jumaa- the Public Relations Manager.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022
A Scientific Seminar about Financial Inclusion and Fintech

The Finance and Banking Sciences Department in the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences in AAUP and under collaboration with the Palestinian Capital Market Authority organized a scientific seminar entitled “Financial Inclusion and Fintech”

Students from the Finance and Banking Department and some of the Faculty members participated in the meeting, and listened to Dr. Bashar Abu Zaarour- the General Manager in the General Administration in Digital Finance and Innovation Services in the Authority as he explained the concept of the Financial Inclusion and its role in the financial and banking services in Palestine in addition to explaining the importance of the Fintech to the financial inclusion.


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