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Wednesday, January 19, 2022
An Awareness Course about Information Security and Managing Electronic Accounts

The Information Security and Quality Unit in Arab American University organized an awareness course entitled: “Information Security and Managing Electronic Accounts” in the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences for the Management information System students.

The course contained a presentation about the main goals of the Information Security and Quality Unit and the role it does to protect the data and services in the university.

Eng. Mohammad Owaidat talked about some of the awareness concepts of information security, the hacking problems and account protection possibilities and ways, and warned students that they need to protect their passwords and the ways to develop protected accounts in order to keep them away from being hacked. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2021
AAUP Participates in a Seminar in Egypt Entitled "The Sports' Preventive and Curative Role to Face the Diseases of the Age"

Dr. Saba’ Jarrar- the Lecturer in the Faculty of Sport Sciences represented Arab American University in a symposium that was organized by the Arab Sport Culture Association in Helwan University in Egypt, entitled “The Sports’ Preventive and Curative Role in Facing the Diseases of the Age”

Dr. Jarrar represented her scientific paper that focused on some aspects including the preventive curative role in facing the diseases of the age especially related to the occasion of the pink month and the sports’ role in achieving sustainable development. She emphasized on the importance of changing the regular daily lifestyle by reorganizing and regulating the physical activity and diet especially for women. In addition Dr. Jarrar talked about the role of sports in supporting the efficiency of the immune system and how it works.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021
AAUP Organizes a Scientific Seminar about the Islamic Accounting

Arab American University and under collaboration with Ahlia University – Bahrain has organized a scientific seminar through Zoom entitled “Islamic Accounting between Practice and Theory” and was instructed by Prof. Hussien Sarhan from Zarqa University.

Dr. Raid Saad- the Head of the Accounting Department in AAUP, the Head of the Accounting Department in Ahlia University in Bahrain and other Accounting professors from different Arab Universities attended the seminar.


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