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Saturday, May 11, 2019
Accreditation for new disciplines in dentistry field

The Palestinian Medical Council announced that Arab American University has received the accreditation in dental implants program, in addition to oral and maxillofacial surgery program, considering it a remarkable step in the field of education and training for postgraduate students in dentistry.

The University administration explained that the adoption of the specialization programs in dental implants and oral and maxillofacial surgery is an excellent opportunity for all those wishing to join the disciplines since it’s the first in Palestine. The university provides highly qualified academic staffs, clinics and laboratories to meet the needs of new programs.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Organized by Ministry of Higher Education in partnership with Higher Education Institutions

Arab American University hosted the last day of Orientation days for high school students, organized by the Ministry of Higher Education in partnership with higher education institutions in five directorates.

13 of the West Bank higher education institutions, universities and colleges, participated in the event. Almost 2500 students came from various schools from the five directorates; Jenin, Qabatiya, Tubas, Tulkarm and Qalqilya.

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