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Tuesday, December 28, 2021
The Faculty of Sports in AAUP Organizes a Scientific Meeting about the Positive Psychology in the Sports Field

The Faculty of Sports Sciences in Arab American University organized a scientific meeting entitled “Positive Psychology in the Sports Field” that was lectured through zoom by Prof Maree Salameh Younis- the Sports Psychology Professor in Helwan University in Egypt and a member of the IPPA.

The meeting that was moderated by Dr. Saba’ Jarrar- a Lecturer in the Faculty included some main topics about what is the positive psychology, its topics, branches and standards, in addition to the topic of positive psychology and the physical activity as part of the physical activities.

Students from the Faculty of Sports Sciences, Faculty members of the faculty and some other faculty members from other Palestinian universities were interested to attend the meeting.

Saturday, December 16, 2017
Part of the meeting

Arab American University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri welcomed the Higher Council for Youth and Sports Assistant Undersecretary Marwan Wishahi and Director of the Palestinian Police Academy Colonel Mansour Khuzaymia, who visited the university to discuss ways of cooperation to activate various student activities locally and regionally.

The University President listened to their suggestions and proposals to activate the students' role in both local and regional activities. Dr. Abu Zuhri stressed on the readiness of the university to organize any activity to benefit the students. Emphasizing on the importance of extracurricular activities that contribute in students' personalities and creativity refinement, both in school or after graduation.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Visiting the university Sports Faculties and praise its universal specifications

The visit comes as part of the cooperation between Palestinian Olympic Committee and Arab American University to improve national sports.

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