Sunday, May 20, 2018

Researcher Areej Waleed Adeeb Shalbak, Conflict Resolution and Development student in the faculty of graduate studies at the Arab American University, defended her master thesis entitled, “Violence among Universities Students: Arab American University as Case Study.”

In her thesis, the researcher highlighted the phenomenon of violence among university students to answer the study’s main questions, namely; the types of violence in the Arab American University, the main reasons behind this phenomenon, and its consequences on the students’ academic achievement and the university.

The researcher concluded in her study that physical violence is the most visible form of violence and there are several reasons behind this phenomenon.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Researcher Khalid Akram Zriki, student at the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Arab American University, defended his master degree thesis in strategic planning and fundraising, entitled “Field Examination of the Relationship between Corporate Governance and Profit Management Practices by Companies Listed on the Capital Market Authority”.

The researcher addressed the relationship between corporate governance and governance standards with profit management. Several variables were examined including; the company's CEO, number of members of the board of directors, quality of audit, concentration of ownership, and the board of directors independence.

Monday, May 14, 2018
Researcher Abeer Zarour, a Computer Science student at the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Researcher Abeer Abdullah Zarour, Computer Science at the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Arab American University, defended her master thesis entitled “Building a Methodology Based on the Terminology Classification to Separate the Applicants Resumes and Compare them to the Job Announcements”

The researcher pointed to the importance of extracting information from CVs in activating and accelerating the automatic screening of candidates, and the process of directing resumes towards the functional categories affiliated with them and arranging them automatically according to their fulfillment of the job announcements’ requirements.


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