Saturday, July 27, 2019
The Tunisian Ambassador visits the University Campus at Ramallah & Discuss Mutual Cooperation

The Tunisian Ambassador to the State of Palestine Mr. Habib Ben Farah visited AAUP at Ramallah Campus, and discussed a joint cooperation as he was introduced to the programs of the University and its various centers, with the presence of the University’s President Prof. Zaidan Abu Zuhri, Academic Advisor Prof. Walid Deeb, Manager of the Technical Training Institute Dr. Rania Shkirat, Manager of Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center Mrs. Rola Shahwan.

During the visit, Prof. Abu Zuhri welcomed the visit of the ambassador and assured the deep relationship between Palestine and Tunisia, then he gave a brief introduction about the university’s achievements, Faculties, and its programs in the bachelor's and master's and doctorate degrees, its academic development and its international partnerships. As the two sides discussed the prospects of cooperation in many areas of common interest.

Monday, May 8, 2017
Mr. Sudqi Mousa participation in the conference

Arab American University participated in the conference entitled “Terrorism Phenomenon in Media Discourse: References, Plays and Empty Spaces”, which was organized lately by Journalism and News Gathering Institutions at Manouba University, Tunisia.

University representatives in the conference from Faculty of Arts Arabic Language and Media Department Said Abu Mala and Sudqi Mousa, participated with research paper entitled “Arab Comedy Addressing the Terrorism Phenomenon: Semiotic Study”. The study aimed to detect how Arab comedy tackled the phenomenon in Arab societies, ways of dealing with it and how was terrorist personality presented.

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