Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Blitz team from AAUP was qualified for the final competition of Hult Prize in Britain, which will take place in Britain after the team competed the competition in Paris and qualified with nine international teams to compete for the prize of one million dollars.

The team included Ahmed Abdulkarim Al-Subu'a, Reda Madi Abu Sheikha, Noor Jihad Kamil and Lana Sami Awad.

The participated team said: “We have been chosen among the best nine teams in the world, after the performance we presented in Paris and our short video in the university campus about our project, where we were qualified for the finals in Britain to spend a training and educational period under supervision Experts, trainers and entrepreneurs for the development of the project and to compete for the project prize, which is worth one million dollars".

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Part of signing the agreement

In the ceremony that took place in Jenin, Palestine, on the 24th April, the University of Exeter team were represented by Professor Peter Turnpenny, Professor Andrew Crosby and Dr Emma Baple. From the AAUP, Professor Ali Zeidan, Dr Dalal Iriqat, Dr Reham Nazzal, and Dr Nouar Qutob. 

The Exeter team expressed their excitement for this collaborative Initiative to improve health care for patients, families and communities affected by rare disease through translational genomic medical research, student exchange and training between the two institutions.

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