IT Quality Assurance and Data Security Unit


IT Quality Assurance and Data Security Unit (ITQDS) mainly aims to assure that each developed system or electronic service offered within the AAU achieves the desired target(s), as well as assuring that the systems or services were developed with high quality standards and with Zero Error Tolerance. On the other hand, the ITQDS monitors AAU’s electronic environment security components. 


To have well secured and high quality IT environment.

  • Evaluate and check that every developed software system by the Department of Planning and Systems Analysis is developed with high standards of Software Quality Standards.
  • Evaluate and check the offered electronic services by the department of Systems and Networking.
  • Integrate and evaluate the main two components of Cyber Security (Network Security and Data Security) in order to have a high level of Information Security.

The two main objectives of the IT Quality Assurance and Data Security Unit are:
• To guarantee the highest levels of Electronic systems’ Quality.
• To maximize AAU’s electronic environment security by:

  1. Increasing general security awareness among users.
  2. Applying an IT Policy that organizes resources usage, users’ rights and users’ responsibilities.
  3. Preparing a Risk Management plan for the different systems and electronic services offered, and to consider minimizing the Mean Time to Recover (MTTR) in order increase Systems’ Availability.
  4. Evaluating data and network security components on a regularly.
Contact Information: 

Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1666