Administrative Affairs Office

Head of Office: 
Mr. Mohammad Massad

The Office of Administrative Affairs is one of the central offices of the University because it works directly with all administrative and academic employees, as well as students. The office is supervised directly by the Assistant President for Administrative and Financial Affairs. Moreover, it tries to provide the best possible services for the employees, students, guests, and visitors of the university.


Quality assurance and perfection are the secret of success and excellence.


The Office of Administrative Affairs aims to achieve a high degree of proficiency in the services provided and to support the objectives and aspirations of the University.


The Office of Administrative Affairs conducts its duties to achieve the following:
• maintaining the University’s properties,
• preparing the University facilities for a better use,
• providing the best services in all university facilities,
• maintaining the cleanliness of the University and its facilities,
• providing the logistical support that contributes to providing the appropriate environment for the educational process.

Contact Information: 

Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.:1126
Fax #: 042510819

Sub Units: 

Cleaning and Activities section

Services and Housing section

The Call Center and Communications Unit

Transport and Movement Unit


The Administrative Affairs office distributes work duties among its employees. The office directs and coordinates their actions, as well as setts up the internal regulations governing the functioning of the office .

The office sets up the models, records, and procedures necessary for the work of the office .

The office maintains the buildings and facilities by conducting a continuous check-up.

The office supervises and organizes the University’s vehicle services, as well as provides the University’s various offices with the required transport service by taking into account the official rules related to any request.

The office ensures the maintenance of vehicles and equipment of the office as well as providing the appropriate places where these can be protected from tampering or damage.

The office oversees the cleaning services related to buildings, facilities, roads, and pathways within the University, as well as organizing this service by taking into account the general sanitary rules.

The office participates in the committees and councils whenever relevant to the nature of its work.

The office provides the Assistant President for Administrative and Financial Affairs with the periodic and non-periodic reports, as well as submitting proposals and recommendations related to the matter of improving the level of general services at the University.

The office provides the best environment for conferences and activities held at the university.

The office provides hospitality to university guests.