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Engineering and Maintenance Office

Head of Office: 
Eng. Sulaiman Foqha

The Engineering and Maintenance Office has 28 employees and consists of 3 divisions and five units. The office is responsible for constructing new buildings, maintaining and developing the university’s infrastructure and providing the university with the needed operational services like electricity and water. Moreover, the office maintains the equipment the university needs, including the electronics, mechanics, medical instruments, offices’ equipment and the wooden furniture. The agriculture division supervises on maintaining of the green areas.


Get the best name of the service and quality that makes our students feel how comfortable to be studying in AAUP by working on the construction of a modern campus


The engineering and maintenance office seeks to provide distinguished services in high quality and great proficiency.


1.     Implement the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s standards at the new projects.

2.     Supervises on having high specifications in the new buildings and projects that provides the best teaching environment for academics, employees and students with the lower operation costs.

3.     Maintaining the university’s properties and follows their maintenance regularly.

4.     Gardening and maintaining the green areas at the campus.

5.     Reducing the maintaining period to the minimum with the best effective way.

6.     To satisfy employees, academics and students with the services the office provides them with.

7.     To raise the awareness about electric, water and fuels energy conservation.

8.     To train the employees of the office to have the best skills and capabilities to do their jobs.

9.     Contribute and participate in achieving the university goals.

Contact Information: 


Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext. 1112

Fax #: 04-2510810

Sub Units: 

Agriculture Division.

Projects and Buildings Division.

Electricity Maintenance Unit.

Mechanical and Instructions Maintenance Unit.

Medical Devices’ Maintenance Unit.

Office Equipment’s Maintenance Unit.

Wooden Furniture Unit.


The office supervises the different university projects and instructions through contractors and engineering offices.

The office maintains all the electrical and mechanical systems and provides the operating process.

The office does general and comprehensive maintenance to the low voltage systems of the mechanical and electrical devices.

The office follows up the purchasing and maintain process of the various medical apparatuses in the Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences and the university clinic.

The office purchases and maintains the office equipment in all the different faculties and offices of the University such as photocopying machines, faxes, telephones and various sound systems.

The office is responsible for all gardens and green areas in the campus, indoor decoration and irrigation systems.

Provides the wooden furniture for all the offices if needed through the university carpenter and keeps its maintenance.

Follows up all the activities of the university and provides the related logistic support.