Financial Office

Head of Office: 
Mr. Majed Al-arda

The financial office manages all the financial issues including revenues and expenses receipt and payment of money according to the regulations and instructions that aim to develop the policies, procedures, plans and programs relating to all financial transactions. In addition to that, the financial office takes all the possible ways to control and protect the university’s financial resources and its records. Besides, it manages and organizes the university’s obligations along with its revenues in such a way that goes in line with the development of the university and provides the needed services to the university community (students, management, employees, faculties, departments, supplies, contractors, donors and public and private institutions), which is closely connected with the finance office.


Computerize the finance office so as to reach a high level of excellence and perfection.


To achieve and provide high quality of financial services for the university to reach a targeted level of excellence.


1. Guarantee the success of the financial planning process that helps in implementing the university’s educational, research and community serving plans and goals.

2.  Accurate follow up to the university’s resources.

3. Guarantee accuracy and speed in achieving students’, employees’ and other related individuals’ transactions.

4. Seeking to build direct strong relations between the university and different local banks in order for any transaction to be shown at students’ account automatically. Also the university adopted the Internet Banking financial system.

5. Electronic archiving for financial data and papers, and connect them with the different related centers at the university.

6. Aim to computerize all financial systems like (budget and students’ clearance forms) to save time and effort for students.

7. Developing and enhancing the skills of the finance department staff.

Contact Information: 

Phone#: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1770
Fax #: 042510818

Sub Units: 

Accounts Division

Students Loans, Scholoships and Medical Insurance Division


Handling and organizing the accounts and ledgers for the university in accordance with correct accounting procedures.

Preparing the arbitrage project for the University that includes all the data, the tables and the detailed information that clarifies these data according to the regulations.

Preparing and analyzing the periodical financial reports which shows the important trends of the universities transactions and activities, and providing the board of directors with all financial information in the most possible way to help them take decisions.

Preparing the final reports for the university at the end of each fiscal year.

Managing the employees' accounts, salaries and health insurance.

Settling and auditing revenues, expenses, and banks accounts.

Settling the university's accounts with the tax departments on a monthly basis.

Collecting the tuition fees and any other fees from students.

Collecting any other incomes that are connected with the services provided by the university to the students and the local community.

Settling the scholarships, whether from the university or from outside parties according to the university laws and regulations.

Adjusting the senior students’ accounts daly.

Managing the students’ loans program.

Managing the expenses and payments for the suppliers.

Supervising the university’s financial obligations with the cash available.