Human Resources Office

Head of Office: 
Mr. Osama AL-Saadi

Human Resources Office represents the basic center to organize the relationship between the university and its employees by organizing the distribution of roles to achieve the university goals. As per to the university’s concerns in its individuals, they started some administration offices and the HR office was one of them. The HR office started at the same time when the university started and went into many developments throughout the years. In 2004, the office started to be called “Human Resources Office” officially, and it continued to develop to understand the university, its environment and the needs of its employees. The office is administrated by the office of the Assistant to the President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, with a manager and five employees. They work to provide the services for the personnel of the university and follow up their educational and employment development.

  • To have the best and most qualified personnel that serves the university with quality services.
  • To put policies and implement them to contribute in achieving the university goals.
  • Following up on hiring new qualified staff members.
  • Support the employees’ success.
  • Increase the competition level.
  • Increase the employees’ satisfaction.

For the university to be the best place with the best qualified academic and administrative employees.

  • To upgrade the personnel performance level through increasing their work capabilities by training them and providing the best work environment.
  • Increase the loyalty level by putting a fair payment system and clear policies, and by supporting the human relations between all its employees.
  • To develop an objective system to evaluate employees performance and to give them promotions, bonuses and motivations.
  • To get rid of any frustrating factors and depend some motivational policies to encourage employees.
  • Prepare a job classification schedule and connect the classification with the job title for each employee.
  • Computerize and archive all work procedures on an electronic system.
Contact Information: 


Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext. 1130

Sub Units: 

Academic and Administrative employees’ division

Archive and Studies division


Following up on hiring new staff members ,promotions, staff vacations, etc.

Renewing academics and administrators contracts with added annual raises.

Controlling and following up administrative staff with regard to arriving time , leaves, leaves of absence, vacations, late arrivals, etc.

Prepare electronic and paper files for employees

Announcing for new vacancies (locally and abroad) and receiving the applications.

Taking part in the interviewing committees.

Developing the department programs continuously.

Following up on employees’ salaries, raises, promotions, ranks, and preparing monthly salaries.

Preparing the offices’ plans and schedules and how to develop them.

Evaluating employees’ performances.

Studying the needs for development and training programs for the university employees.

Issuing employment Ids and employment and experience certificates for academic and administrative members.

Preparing holidays’ announcements

Preparing employees’ reports, statistics, information, etc. and continuously updating them.

Calculating employees’ end of service awards.