Liaison Offices

Head of Ramallah Office: Mr. Mohammad Sabaaneh

Head of Amman Office: Mr. Khalid Al-Bader

Head of Nazareth Office: Mr. Rabea Fahoum


Liaison Offices of the Arab American University provide connection between the university and the local community in order to achieve the objectives and the goals of the university by providing any needed and required services of inquiries from shareholders, academics, administrative employees, students and anyone who needs any help in contacting the university.


To facilitate the connection between the university and the local community and any further connections through providing services according to the objectives and missions of the university.


Liaison offices of the university seek to use the best logistic ways and means to build good relations with the local community.

  1. Increase interactions with the local community.
  2. Organize field trips to educational institutions.
  3. Increase collaboration with grant institutions to provide scholarships for students.
  4. Organize official visits to institutions and organizations to support collaboration with the university.
  5. Give advice and consultations to applicants who want to join the university.
Contact Information: 



Phone #: +970- (2) - 2941999

Fax #: +970- (2) – 2973983

Address: Abu Qash - Near Alrehan,

   Ramallah, Palestine.




Phone #: +962 – (6) – 5822199

Fax #: +962 – (6) – 5822166

Address: Mecca st, Building No. 181,

   2nd floor, office no. 124, 125,

   Amman, Jordan.




Phone #: +972 - (7) - 47234915

Mobile #: +972 - (54) - 5414455

Fax #: +972 - (7) - 47234917

Address: Casanova st, Khan Al-Basha Building (next to Nazareth Cultural and Tourism Association),

Sub Units: 

Documents and consulting services.

Admission and Registration services.


Inform the university about any important conferences to participate in.

Work to increase scholarships from institutions to help Palestinians get their education.

Increase the communication between students and the university.

Mailing and delivering formal letters from and to the university.

Follow up daily newspapers to provide the university with needed information.

Organize the Board of Directors meetings.

Help in any purchasing orders or training courses for employees.

Reply to any enquiries about the university or its faculties.

Provide shareholders with the latest magazines, videos or brochures that the university publishes.

Organize regular visits to the university to participate at any new programs or activities.

Ease the tasks for academic or employees who visit them.