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Procurement and Purchasing Office

Head of Office: 
Mr. Hasan Rabaia

The Procurement & Purchasing Office helps in providing all university needs by purchasing needed supplies using the most appropriate methods of procurement, such as tenders, quotation inquiries, direct purchases by the authorities, following the provisions contained in the system of supplies and operations in the university. The office complies with the instructions issued by the university administration with regulatory compliance to preserve the brands of conformity to the specifications required at a minimal cost and delivery time.


To assist in providing a scientific environment of all developing means and advanced educational needs that helps the seeker of knowledge to exploit it optimally, and helps to reach the aspirations and achieve the educational desires.


Procurement & Purchasing Office (PPO) seeks to use the best, most appropriate and developing procurement methods and always ensuring good relations between PPO and other university offices, in addition PPO practices management and retention of records and documents that are made during the procurement process.


1. Provide needs in a timely manner and as planned from the university.

2. Reaching to adopt launching a centralized tender for materials that are purchased in large quantities, instead of retail purchasing.

3. Conducting field survey to reach the best suppliers and achieving an excellent list of suppliers is for all the sectors.

4. Organizing procedures and policies to ensure achieving the desired goals by the most direct route and the lowest costs while maintaining quality.

5. Conducting local market survey to know the best manufacturers and suppliers to provide supplies and needs.

6. Evaluating purchasing policies annually and follow up the development and modernization for the best.

7. Developing efficiency of the procurement staff through real practice and training courses to keep up with the various scientific developments in procurement systems

8. Developing policies for the system of supplies and purchasing to save effort and cost and provide upon request, and to contribute to the cost-cutting needs.

Contact Information: 

E-mail: pnpataaup.edu
Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1490
Fax #: 04-2510972

Sub Units: 

Purchasing division

Tender division


The Procurement & Purchasing Office buys needed supplies using the most appropriate methods of procurement (bidding, tenders, direct purchase, and assignment) in accordance with systems and regulations.

The office provides the best quality materials, best (low cost) prices and gives priority to locally manufactured products.

The office participates in the preparation of the annual procurement plan. The department participates in the development of regulations related to purchases in cooperation with concerned departments and faculties by utilizing appropriate computer software.

The office conducts the implementation of the supplies system established at the university.

The office conducts periodic reviews and improves the systems of supplies and regulations to be consistent with the latest technology.

The office participates in the preparation of the annual procurement plan.


Procurement And Purchasing System

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