Central Warehouses Office

Head of Office: 
Mr. Hasan Rabaia

It is the office that is responsible for storing the materials in the main and subsidiary warehouses in a safe way that suits the nature of the materials. Moreover, the office is in charge of developing policies to maintain a strategic stock to cope with any emergency within modern scientific and technical methods to achieve the University goals and objectives.


The university has organized central warehouse managed in a modern scientific manner. All the warehouses connected to an integrated storage information network to control inventory operations, activate all inventory elements and maintain a level of stock to meet the permanent, necessary needs to achieve the university's goals and objectives.

  1. Implement the warehouses’ system that applies at the university.
  2. Suggest any modifications on the system and the organizational rules and improve them to suit the circumstances.
  3. Provide a strategic stock that is convenient to consumption.
  4. Apply the consumption rationing and control spending policy.
  5. Follow up the central storing procedures, inventory control, and dispose the older surplus in the best possible ways.
  6. Set classifications, characterization and codes basics for all the stock materials.
  7. Participate in setting connected systems to manage the stock in cooperation with the university offices and deanships through computer programs.
  1. Link the warehouse and central storage system with the university systems to facilitate knowing what the stored materials are and their stocks.
  2. Annually evaluate the stock policies, follow their development, control inventory, and maintain safe strategic stocks.
  3. Improve the warehouse staff efficiency through practice and training courses to keep pace with the various scientific developments in storage systems.
  4. Develop warehouse system policies to save effort and cost, provide the necessary needs and disburse it if requested, and contribute to reducing expenses while maintaining distinctive quality.
Contact Information: 

E-mail: whataaup.edu
Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1375
Fax #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1388

Sub Units: 

Warehouses Officers Division

Fixed Asset Control Division


Follow-up procedures of central storage, inventory control, and disposal of surplus, accumulated and obsolete and benefit from it in the best way.

Setting the classification, characterization and coding foundations for inventory elements.

Participate in developing storage and inventory management systems in cooperation with relevant offices and deanships through computerized programs.

Develop policies to save strategic inventory that is convenient to consumption and maintenance programs.

Implement the warehouses system that applies at the university.

Suggest any amendments to the system and the organizational rules and improve them to suit the circumstances and latest conditions.

Apply the consumption rationing and control spending policy.