fbpx Master in Accounting and Auditing Program | ARAB AMERICAN UNIVERSITY

Master in Accounting and Auditing


  1. Strengthen the students understanding of contemporary accounting and auditing practices.
  2. Develop the students’ understanding of international accounting rules and concepts.
  3. Prepare the students to apply accounting knowledge and skills effectively in a variety of settings.
  4. Strengthen students’ knowledge of tools and software used in the accounting profession.
  5. Improve students’ capacity to engage in accounting research and to transform the findings of the research into financial reports.
  6. Provide students with the analytical skills to investigate complex accounting issues.
  7. Enable students to integrate accounting and financial information to make decisions.
  8. Instill within the students an understanding of legal and professional responsibility and ethical obligations when resolving accounting issues.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the differences between accounting and auditing and responsibilities of each role.
  • Prepare consolidated financial statements and audit reports that meet international requirements.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in analyzing and interpreting financial and accounting information.
  • Evaluate accounting data and use appropriate software and information systems to complete accounting tasks.
  • Employ analytical skills to diagnose accounting errors and problems and propose remedies.
  • Employ critical thinking to analyze complex financial transactions and evaluate their impact on firm value.
  • Use accounting information to forecast performance and make effective business decisions.
  • Develop and exhibit a high standard of professional practice, demonstrating awareness of the ethical and regulatory responsibilities of organizations.