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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


      The main objective of the AAU/IUP MBA program is to prepare successful working professionals for senior leadership roles, new careers, and entrepreneurial opportunities.
The program further aims to prepare students to:

  • develop a deep understanding of one's own personal values, and to strive to apply these values in service of a larger purpose within the modern business context.
  • acquire solid conceptual knowledge and terminology within core business disciplines.
  • gain insights about the interactions of different practical areas in today's business world.
  • play a variety of roles and collaborate effectively in today's global, rapidly changing, and project-intensive business environment.
  • express and foster creativity and innovation.
  • develop the capacity to apply knowledge in new and unfamiliar circumstances through a conceptual understanding of the relevant academic disciplines.
  • be able to analyze and interpret statistical data and economic models relating to an organization’s activities.
  • be able to analyze and evaluate complex issues on the political, economic, legal, and regulatory context of business.
  • be able to analyze and interpret financial data, and determine the value of an organization using various techniques.



Careers of graduates: 

      The objective of earning an executive MBA is to increase career options or simply to update knowledge and brush up on skills already acquired. EMBA degrees frequently lead to upper management positions such as:
• Leadership opportunities in new functional areas or new industries.
• Senior roles that require broader business knowledge and stronger leadership skills.

      A new graduate may not start out in such a position, but certainly has the opportunity to move up the career ladder faster than non-MBA counterparts. Outstanding careers after earning an MBA degree include:
• Finance Officer or Financial Manager
• Financial Analyst
• Human Resources Director or Manager
• Management Analyst
• Management Consultant
• Marketing Director or Manager
• Marketing Research Analyst
• Public Relations Specialist
• Product Manager