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Master in Digital Economy


Welcome to a transformative expedition at the forefront of the digital revolution, embodied by our distinguished Master's program in Digital Economy. Crafted with meticulous precision, this program stands as an emblem of cutting-edge education, meticulously designed to nurture a cadre of professionals poised to excel within the dynamic landscape of the digital era. Our comprehensive curriculum unfurls the canvas upon which you'll paint your journey towards mastery, encompassing core principles, strategic insights, and innovative technologies that underpin today's intricately connected global ecosystem.



  1. Provide the students with knowledge of current issues and emerging technologies in the digital economy.
  2. Enable the student to apply critical thinking skills to complex problems in the digital economy and propose solutions.
  3. Provide students with the analytical skills to understand the differences between organizations, business models and consumers in the traditional and digital economies.
  4. Enable the student to assess opportunities to improve organizational performance through innovative digital initiatives.
  5. Strengthen the student’s understanding of the impact of digital economy on organizational strategy and success.
  6. Improve the student’s ability to thoughtfully engage in social research and conduct qualitative and qualitative research on the digital economy.



  • Demonstrate proficiency in the fundamental business principles and practices of the digital economy.
  • Employ critical thinking to analyze emerging developments in the digital economy and evaluate the related opportunities and risks.
  • Employ critical thinking skills to address digital economy challenges and make effective decisions.
  • Analyze new developments in digital banking, online gaming, the Metaverse and other digital technologies and propose strategies to manage innovation.
  • Formulate digital policies and practices that help promote an organization’s strategic goals.
  • Develop and exhibit high standard of professional practice, demonstrating awareness of ethical and social responsibilities in today’s traditional and online economic environments.
  • Develop the ability to pose and answer questions and conduct research on current issues in the digital economy.


Careers of Graduates

  1. Digital Transformation Strategist/Consultant
  2. Digital Economist
  3. Data Analyst/Scientist
  4. E-commerce Manager/Director
  5. AI Specialist
  6. Digital Innovation Manager