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Master in Leadership


  1. Provide students with an understanding of historical and contemporary leadership theories and the ability to analyze and critique these theories.
  2. Enable the students to appraise their personal strengths and weaknesses in the exercise of leadership.
  3. Instill within the students an appreciation of the ethical challenges faced by leaders.
  4. Develop the students’ understanding of organizational behavior and change and the ability to apply these concepts in an organizational setting.
  5. Develop the students’ ability to evaluate relevant information from both internal and external sources and apply the information to issues of leadership.
  6. Provide the students with the skills to design, analyze, critique and conduct research using qualitative and quantitative methods.
  7. Improve the students’ ability to apply leadership knowledge and skills to the public and education sectors.


  • Demonstrate an understanding of leadership theories and the ability to apply these theories to address a variety of organizational issues.
  • Assess own skills and limitations as a leader and evaluate performance working in and leading teams.
  • Develop and exhibit ethical behavior that is based on legal, professional and culture values and codes of conduct.
  • Develop leadership and management practices that promote strategic development and change.  
  • Analyze and critique a range of perspectives to make leadership decisions about organizational issues.
  • Employ analytical skills to conduct research on current issues and challenges in leadership.
  • Evaluate the impact of leadership skills in government, non-profits and educational institutions.