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Master in Quality Management in Health Institutions


Quality health care has become a worldwide goal. It plays a significant role in the management and improvement of the health care services. Among the major priorities in the health care sector is the necessity to maintain quality measures that ensure the patients safety. Therefore, implementing quality management tools is important to ensure good use of effective health care and improved outcomes.



The program is designed to enhance students' skills to improve the quality of HealthCare systems by introducing students to the concept of Quality and the process of Quality Improvement across the Health Care systems.



  1. Learn the evolution of the health care systems.
  2. Understand the importance behind the requirements for quality management and improvement of health care systems.
  3. Learn the techniques for health care and the needed principles of quality improvement and management.
  4. Learn the standards of health care accreditation.
  5. Learn Analysis and use of statistics and data for quality management and improvement.
  6. Learn six Sigma Strategies.


Careers of Graduates

Positions Can Be Held by Healthcare Quality Management Graduates

  • Healthcare Director 
  • Quality Manager
  • Quality Assurance Consultant 
  • Healthcare Quality Analyst
  • Quality & Safety Specialist
  • Healthcare Associate
  • Quality Improvement Specialist