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Master in Strategic Planning and Fundraising


Our Master in Strategic Planning and Fundraising program is designed to empower students with a holistic understanding of strategic planning and transparent financial management. With a focus on both practical and theoretical aspects, students delve into global models and approaches, preparing them to be advocates for long-term strategic planning. Through a dynamic curriculum, students develop theory-based skills in crafting business strategies and action plans tailored to organizational priorities. Effective communication and linguistic proficiency are emphasized, recognizing the pivotal role of a strategic planner and fundraiser as a communicator and innovator. The program also encourages research, allowing students to explore and compare strategic planning and fundraising practices worldwide. By combining international expertise with local insights, we equip students with the knowledge and skills to excel in the realms of strategic planning and fundraising, offering a unique learning experience in a collaborative environment. Join us in becoming a catalyst for long-term organizational success and growth.



This program is set to achieve the following objectives:

  • Prepare students to be advocates for long term strategic planning from scientific, rational and pragmatic perspective .
  • Provide students with comprehensive knowledge on strategic planning and transparent financial management practically and theoretically and review different experiences springing from the world- wide models and approaches.
  • Help students to develop competent theory–based skills in the field of developing business strategies and action plans, taking into considerations the firm or the organization priorities and initiatives in this domain.
  • Develop students’ linguistic skills and communication abilities since that strategic planner and fundraiser must be good communicator and strategic innovator.
  • Conduct theoretical and experimental research and make comparisons in the areas of strategic planning and fundraising, not only in Palestine but also in different parts of the world, particularly in the countries that have similar circumstances prevailing in Palestine.
  • Identify points of convergence and draw mutual benefit between international experience and local awareness of this new combined discipline, and develop theoretical approaches and operational case studies in this academic area by focusing on different tools of information gathering and analysis, such as interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and other documentary and descriptive tools.
  • Furnish students with enough skills and theoretical information to be successful, vigilant, systematic and organized fundraiser.
  • Act as a point of reference for capacity building  for all those who aspire to be successful fundraisers and proposal writers, and that is due to the nature of the program which combines theoretical and operational components delivered in a team work environment that enhances the learning experience.



Careers of Graduates

Strategic planning and fundraising is vital instrument and decisive tool in all types of organizations being business or non- business establishments. Combining strategic planning, with fundraising,  proposal writing and project management engenders high quality leaders with diverse knowledge and expertise that are needed by all kind of organizations in local and regional market as well. 

Therefore, the program provides local communities; local municipalities, NGOs, and businesses with graduates who guide the organizations in its present move to keep its growth in sustainable basis.