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PhD in Strategic Management


The right methodology in practicing management in the different organizations is through strategic management.

The effective strategic management practice is one of the most important reasons to distinguish leading institutions from affiliated institutions, and successful institutions form other unstable institutions.

The development to reach the current concept of strategic management was reached after many phases of planning implementation that started by using budgets, long-term planning, strategic planning and finally reaching the strategic management methodology.

Reaching this phase has changed the philosophy of the organization’s management in dealing with the work environment, and changed it from being constant -that must be recognized- to being variables that can be interacted with and impacted on to serve the mission and objectives of the organization.  



The PhD in Strategic Management aims to introduce students to the advanced and deep process in strategic management and its importance to the success of institutions and organizations

  1. Prepare efficient and qualified staff that the governmental and business sectors need to keep developing and face the business challenges.
  2. Develop knowledge, skills and capabilities of managers in the governmental sector and businessmen and businesswomen in the private sector by combining the scientific thoughts to build strategies and its practical implementation and the recreating of the concepts and practices of strategies according to successful bases.
  3. Cover the local market needs of the scientific competencies in strategic management.
  4. Provide students with experience and skills to be in leading positions in the public sector and the non-profit sector by using theory and practice.
  5. Upgrade the level of research and academic studies by conducting researches in a scientific way and focusing on researches that provide knowledge in all program courses.
  6. Develop a relation network with academic institutions and the local community organizations to act like one organization to serve community.
  7. Enhance communication, group work skills and the social responsibility concepts that lead to better organization practices.
  8. Focus on the courses, seminars and modern theories in all courses.
  9. Connect the theory with the practice part to refine the skills and experiences of employees who join this program, in order to prepare managers and experts capable to apply the strategic methodology in governmental project management and governmental institutions … etc. 



The Importance of Strategic Management in Institutions:

  • Provide managers with the critical thinking mechanism in general.
  • Increase the ability to predict the changes in the surrounding environment and the way to adjust to them.
  • Allocate all available resources.
  • Contribute in raising awareness about changes, and understanding the available threats and opportunities.
  • Provide a sound logic in evaluating budgets.
  • Organize sequencing process in the overall planning effort for all administrative levels.
  • Work in making managers innovative and creative, and direct them to creating events not receiving them.


Careers of Graduates

Strategic Management fields and the careers of graduates in this field in Palestine are:

  1. In the different ministries and organizations related to health– Education – Economic – Media – Work – Transportation – Housing – Finance – Tourism – Interior – Foreign Affairs – Telecommunications and Technology.
  2. The research and studies center in the governmental and central organizations.
  3. Youth institutions.
  4. Environment and Land Management Authorities.
  5. Water and Electricity Companies.
  6. Private Companies.
  7. Insurance companies and social security companies.
  8. Universities and higher education institutions.