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PhD in Business


This program is a joint program between Arab American University (AAU) and Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), USA. The objective of this program is to provide Ph.D. students with the essential abilities to recognize and investigate intricate issues within the field of management. The doctoral program is founded on research excellence, student initiative; and building student/professor partnerships. This is the only doctoral program in business available in Palestine. The curriculum consists of 48 credit hours, which are divided into 36 courses and 12 dissertation credits. It is provided monthly, with one course being offered each month. Several international faculty members from IUP teach in the program. The inaugural cohort commenced in 2019. Students can fulfill the requirements (consisting of 12 courses) within a span of two years, while the completion of the dissertation can take anywhere from one to three years. The dissertation advisors are affiliated with IUP. The curriculum provides its students the opportunity to obtain dual diplomas, one from IUP and one from AAU. The program curriculum comprises the subsequent courses: Theory Building and Research Methods. Quantitative Research Methods. Business Modelling/Quantitative Methods. Organizational Behavior. MIS Theory and Decision Making. Seminar in Managerial accounting. Marketing theory. Global Competitiveness and Sustainability. Financial Institutions and Markets. Global Supply Chain Management: Theory and Practice.



Our classes are designed to help students accomplish a number of distinct learning outcomes. After graduating with a PhD in Business from AAUP-IUP, you should have attained:

  1. Proficiency in applying quantitative and qualitative research methods pertaining to business fields.
  2. In-depth knowledge and understanding of research and applications in key areas of business, with a special focus on your area of specialization.
  3. The ability to integrate and synthesize knowledge from different business areas with the help of pertinent research tools.
  4. The ability to establish and disseminate scholarly work in both academic and business settings.

Once you graduate with a PhD in Business, you can apply these outcomes with either an academic or industry focus. In addition, the program’s applied nature helps aspiring faculty develop and build relevant curriculum for the next generation of business leaders. Graduates will be scholarly practitioners, able to execute the theories they teach and apply their research to real-world scenarios.


Careers of Graduates

AAUP-IUP’s Business Doctorate is designed for working professionals who are looking to prepare for a business school professorship or advance to senior leadership positions. Professionals with PhD in Business have several career paths to choose from including:

  • Traditionally, most students earn this degree to become tenure-track professors in business schools around the globe.
  • A variety of industries have also begun to recognize the practical value of PhD graduates in senior leadership positions.
  • Earning a PhD in Business is a smart career move.
  • Graduates are uniquely prepared for leadership roles in a variety of industries.
  • Advancing into executive and research-focused positions or moving into a senior consulting role requires the in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge that this program can convey.
  • The research and classwork in our doctoral program connects directly with the tasks and challenges that today’s business leaders face on an everyday basis.