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High Diploma in Endodontics


The high diploma in Endodontic aims to provide the community with a dentist who is able to understand the scientific material, analyze it and criticize it in a scientific way to be able to learn and teach others. This program aims to provide doctors with the scientific and manual skills to work professionally in treatments. The goals of the program are as the following: 

  1. Gain basic and comprehensive knowledge in the root and canal dental treatments.
  2. Gain skills to diagnose the different cases and the treatment priority.
  3. Enable trainers to make tests, radial and laboratory needed tests.
  4. Enable trainers to be capable to treat most of the root and canal dental treatments.
  5. Gain knowledge and skills to develop preventive plans based on scientific basics.
  6. Enable trainers to treat clinical cases by providing them with scientific and clinical knowledge to help them make the best treatment plans and decisions.
  7. Train students to be commitment to the professional conducts and ethics.


Means to Achieve Goals:

  • Dental journals and references self-studying.
  • Attend scientific activities of the department and the Faculty of Dentistry.
  • Lectures, seminars and scientific courses.
  • Attend the high diploma clinics and participate in testing and diagnosing.  


Cognitive Goals:

  1. Increase the humanitarian knowledge.
  2. Support the scientific research basics in Arab American University.
  3. Develop students’ skills to develop valuable scientific researches.
  4. Train students with the highest standards and help them to meet the needs of the local and regional communities.
  5. Focus on causes that have an effect on the local and regional communities.