Master in Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology in the science that study how we learn, what motivate us to learn. It also studies the role of teaching, research and measurement in the process of learning.

The relation between thinking and learning is also studied in in Educational Psychology.



  1. Instill within the students an understanding of the basic corapts of Education Psychology.
  2. Provide the students with the ability to recognize how Psychology and Education are interrelated.
  3. Strengthen the student understanding of the impact of critical thinking in Education.
  4. Equip the student with the knowledge to make ethical choices and decisions in their role on Educational Psychologist.



Upon completing the program successfully the graduate will be able to:

  • Relate theory and research when it comes to the development of human thinking in learning
  • Develop assessment tools for different groups of students.
  • Apply ethical standards in his/her field of work.
  • Apply theory and practice to improve students thinking process.
  • Utilize the available data to make sound decisions.
  • Apply critical thinking skills in his/her field of work.