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Master in Educational Psychology


Educational Psychological specialization aims at teaching students about process and bahvourial cognitive and developmental aspects and dominions that takes place during learning, and how learning environment connives to act as an incubator of influence that shapes learning outcomes.

This specialization shapes a new understanding of how individuals acquire knowledge and how they are capacitated by their learning environment. Therefore, the living force for such environment that animates the criterion of new perceptions among students is the educational opportunity that is offered to students through their exposure, study, internalization to the cognitive, behavioral, developmental, social and emotional factors that influence their ability to learn in order to improve their educational practices for children and adults alike as well as students with special needs.



  1. Provision of a comprehensive educated theoretical framework in the field of Educational psychology connected to zones of practices in the education field. 
  2. Provision of professional understandings and skills rooted in education and psychology in an academic contemporaneous cultural contexts. 
  3. Developing student’s capacity in conducting qualitative and quantitative research in the field of education and psychology on professional grounds in terms of design, analysis and creating creative solution to research problems. 
  4. Engulfing student’s abilities to express oneself through scientific writing in the field of educational psychology by means of scientific teaching approaches. 
  5. Providing students with technical skills necessary for global technological development and academic that in compliance with the specialization researchers. 
  6. Providing students with the basic knowledge for contemporary educational psychology and its application in the field of education.
  7. Invigorating students with critical and analogical skills needed for critical thinking and analysis to produce deep and creative solutions for non-traditional problem especially in terms of critical circumstances as in the case of Covid 19 and its impact on education.



  • Diagnose problems of psychological and educational nature in the educational field, and interrupt them in light of educational psychology licenses. 
  • Design an educational strategies plan that appreciate the status of educational readiness on grounds through critical and analytical perspectives that assimilates plan implementation. 
  • Design diagnostic tools (interviews, diagnostic, prognostic, tests, and scales) and prepare psychological educational reports that adhere to values, ethical and professional parameter of education quality. 
  • Conduct scientific research in the field of educational psychology and effectuating critical and creative thinking for the creation of smart applicable solutions that in compliance with educational polices in place. 
  • Reflect on practices effectuate communication skills that entertains to self-reflection, efficiency, effectiveness.  
  • Positivity envies educational practices based on educational understanding to further, furnish smart and objective suggestions. For better practices based on scientific and educational perspectives. 
  • Cooperate with different age groups in the field of education including kids, adults, and students with special needs (gifted and talented students learning difficulties). And consider them as a human capable in the field of education. 
  • Evaluate social & tests to diagnose teacher’s performance in a way that reflects high perceptions of educational parameters to educational assessments on the assumption that assessment is a genuine part of learning. 
  • Furnish educational consultancies to educational problem in a way that reflect genuine understanding and mental capacities to illuminate further practices through consultant practices. 
  • Capture on skills related to ICI and its employment in vital zones of professional work including statistical analysis and information processing in educational psychology field. 
  • Reflects on strategies of teaching and learning with arrange of full understanding to what it ought to the educational strategies that complies with classroom requirements, and the ease of consulting a madder learning experiments in adherence to objectives. 
  • Formulate learning outcomes in relation to assigned mental process to reflect a deep skill in content analysis and delineation of 21st century skills.


Careers of Graduates

Graduates may find employment as faculty members, school teachers, researchers, and positions in related fields.