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PhD in Special Education


  1. Provide students with an understanding of contemporary approaches in the field of special education.
  2. Enable students to incorporate best practices in child development theory including emotional, social, intellectual and language development.
  3. Provide students with an appreciation of the role of the special education teacher and leader.
  4. Enable the students to understand the process of formulating educational programs for students with disabilities.
  5. Develop the student’s ability to lead planning, implementation and review of special education programs.
  6. Instill within the students an appreciation of the legal, ethical and policy issues in special education.


  • Demonstrate an understanding of developments in contemporary special education including the use of individualized education plans, assistive technology and the need for early intervention.
  • Evaluate children with special needs and categorize intellectual, language and communication, emotional and behavioral needs and propose strategies for intervention.
  • Assess students with disabilities using both traditional methods and technology and make effective decisions to improve their educational development.
  • Design appropriate instructional plans to address individual student needs in special education.
  • Formulate a special education plan that supports social and emotional development and successful transition at every stage of a child’s education.
  • Analyze and review the progress of children with disabilities and propose changes to special education programs to continue to meet student needs.
  • Develop and exhibit an awareness of legal, ethical and social responsibilities of a special education leader and their role in working with families as well as students.