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Master in Adult Gerontology Nursing


The demographic shifts in Palestine and the growing elderly population indicate that the percentage of Palestinians aged 65 and older will witness an increase in chronic health conditions, facing the challenge of living with multiple health problems and functional impairment. Therefore, offering quality of services and care to this group of clients rise the need for healthcare practitioners with advanced specialty in this field.

Postgraduate programs in adult gerontology aim at preparing adult/older adult and family nurse practitioners to provide quality primary care across the life span through direct nursing care, consultation, collaboration, coordination, and referral. Therefore, the AAUP proposes M.Sc. program in adult gerontology Nursing to produce proficient, knowledgeable, committed, ethically aware, and responsible geriatric nurses, and fill the gap in the severe shortage of these nursing practitioners



  1. Promote understanding of adult gerontology care and the role of geriatric nurse in the health care settings to enhance diseases prevention and health promotion.
  2. Integrate advanced knowledge of nursing and related disciplines to provide comprehensive geriatric care.
  3. Provide students with the tools needed for critical thinking and analytical processes, and decision making  in the implementation of safe, ethical clinical services.
  4. Prepare future leaders with in depth knowledge and skills who can influence health policy and improve geriatric health care delivery system
  5. Strengthen student’s ability to conduct original researches, scholarly activities, and evidence based practice related to adult gerontology   practices.



After completion the program requirements the students are expected to:

  • Use advanced knowledge in pathophysiology, health assessment, and advance pharmacology to influence adult gerontology services.
  • Demonstrate competent skills in the care of Geriatric patients and their families through the disease process.
  • Demonstrate advance skills in research utilization and evidence based practice in the geriatric primary care diagnostics and management including the use of apharmacologyin the care of geriatric patients.
  • Exhibit leadership, ethical behaviors, attitudes, and exceptional communication skills to influence policy changes, and service delivery.
  • Appraise decision making and critical thinking in the provision of high quality geriatric care.
  • Create approaches for screening the high risk factors of aging societies to influce public policy and population health.
  • Implement holistic care approach for Geriatric patients including the use of health prevention and promotion models in health care.
  • Assess and analyze healthcare data related to geriatric health using statistical tools used in primary health care settings to improve quality geriatric care.


Careers of Graduates

An Adult-Gerontology Nurse can serve in a variety of practice settings, such as:

  1. Internal Medicine Offices
  2. Ambulatory Care Centers
  3. Community Clinics
  4. Long-term Care Facilities
  5. Specialty Geriatric Clinics
  6. University Student Health Centers
  7. Academic Career ( education and teaching )
  8. Rehabilitation Centers
  9. Specialty and expertise  Nurse in adult gerontology
  10. Disease Prevention Educator
  11. Psychosocial Supporter
  12. Actively involved Researcher in adult gerontology Care
  13.  Ministries and specialist departments of health
  14. Government organizations
  15. Non-government and voluntary organizations
  16. Expert in development clinical practice
  17. Program Manager
  18. Global Consultant
  19. Global Educator
  20. Pain management expertise
  21. Quality improvement  specialist