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Master in Audiology


Audiology is the science of studying hearing, balance and related disorders. As healthcare professionals, audiologist specialize in “prevention, identification, diagnoses, and evidence-based treatment of hearing, balance, and other auditory disorders for people of all ages” (ASHA, 2021).  Utilizing different assessment techniques, audiologists reach a decision as to whether someone’s sensitivity to sound is within normal physiological levels. In contrast, if it is determined not to be so (i.e., a hearing loss is present), audiologists, through a series of meticulous testing, identify the location of the hearing loss (outer/middle/inner ears, auditory nerve, and/or central nervous system), part of hearing affected (i.e., which frequencies), the degree of the identified hearing loss (i.e., severity), and the appropriate course of action (e.g., audiological rehabilitation, referrals to other professionals, etc.).  In addition, audiologists provide help to individuals with other ontological disorders such as balance and vestibular disorders, tinnitus, etc.

The Master of Science program in Audiology is designed for students who wish to pursue a career as independent Audiologists. This program will provide job opportunities to a much-needed domain in the region. Shortages in qualified audiologists are obvious.

The master's of science degree in Audiology is designed to produce highly skilled clinicians seeking to enter the field and is typically completed in five full-time semesters. Completing this master’s degree from AAUP will satisfy the standards required by SAC. Upon graduation, students will have developed an advanced level of expertise for safe and competent management of a broad range of patients within a variety of clinical contexts.  Additionally, students enrolled in this program are expected to gain invaluable research and analytic skills, which will definitely qualify them to become licensed audiologists.

For all the above, the Arab American University aspires to offer a master’s program in Audiology to bridge the gap in the shortage of the number of professional audiologists locally and regionally.



The goal of the Master’s of Science program in Audiology is to:

  1. Enhance and maintain a high-quality interdisciplinary research program to address communication development and disabilities across the life span;
  2. Provide excellent graduate student instruction and professional practice.
  3. Prepare graduate students to conduct and become consumers of research, as well as competent professionals; and
  4. Provide outreach to individuals with speech, language, and hearing disabilities in the University and surrounding community, as well as assist relevant private and public agencies.



Upon completion of the Master’s of Science degree in Audiology, students should be able to:

  • Integrate knowledge related to prevention, identification, evaluation, treatment, and patient interaction with individuals of a variety of ages that have hearing, balance, and other auditory disorders.
  • Implement evidence-based diagnostic and intervention plans in a variety of settings and for individuals with a variety hearing, balance, and other auditory disorders at a level appropriate for entry into professional practice.
  • Collaborate proficiently when working with peers, professionals and community partners.
  • Integrate scientific evidence and clinical expertise in delivering optimal clinical services.
  • Conduct highly professional services with cultural competence and advocate for those affected by hearing, balance, and other auditory disorders.


Careers of Graduates

  1. Researcher in audiology sciences
  2. Quality assurance improvement specialist in hearing care services 
  3. Educator and Consultant for patient with hearing loss.
  4. Clinical hearing practice developer.
  5. Supervisor for patient care plan of ear diseases.
  6.  Consultant in audiology practice and ear therapeutics.
  7. Community audiologists.
  8. Private and Public hospital Audiologist.